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We are an established website development company with emphases on eCommerce and service industry.
It’s our mission to ramp up your business visibility by designing the most user-friendly website for your business.

We’re not simply a shop of website designers we’re a team of skilled digital marketers.

Our focus is not only to build a successful website but to also help you grow your business. We believe that your success is our success.

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Expect nothing less than perfect!

Your friends will ask you who designed your website once they come across our work. Similarly, expect a
website design you’ll want to talk about with your friends and everyone who interacts with it.


SEO-Ready Web Design

We have mastered the art of creating websites that are fully accessible and indexable by search engines. SEO-friendly websites will get you more traffic than websites that don’t emphasize search engine algorithms. A search engine-friendly website will allow Google and other search engines to crawl each page on the website efficiently, interpret the content effectively, and index it in their database. To get the most of your website, we ensure our website designs are both user and search-engine-friendly.

Websites You Can Edit

All too often most developers will try to ensure you go back to them anytime you need even the smallest of things sorted, by refusing to have access to your website backend. We develop easy to edit websites to give you the power to make changes to your website at any time. Once we finish your website, we zip up everything for you and take you through how you can make simple edits at your convenience.

Growing Brands Online

We are a full-service design company based in Auckland. We help you grow your brands online through creative and innovative designs.
We create websites to tell your story in a manner that gets at the heart of your brand by creating something meaningful to share online or in print.

Smart. Simple. Effective.

Accelerated Marketing.

Refreshing Results.

We apply creativity & innovation in ensuring your smart & simple website is effective in accelerating your marketing. We begin by understanding your goals and objectives & begin to build the right communication tools for your business.

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Flooding You with Sales

When you want to make a positive first impression with your website visitors, you need to consider doing the right thing with your web design. If you want to ensure your new website visitors take interest in your products or services and become a customer, get in touch with us to ramp up sales. Don’t set a negative first impression on your website visitors because a website design can determine if someone will buy from your business.

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Robust, functional & cost effective website design services for your business

What Our Web Design Clients Say

I am very happy with Get-Hits staff for designing my web site. It has lots of information for the clients and looks very inviting. I highly recommend them for web design services.


Very good service throughout the whole website design process, my new website looks great. Thank you guys.


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How to Pick the Right Auckland Web Design Company for Your Business?

There are many web design companies you can work with if your business is based in Auckland.
This means its important to find one that is perfect for your requirements.

Whether you are looking to create a new website or refresh your existing one, you’ll want to know what you need to look out for.
A high-quality website can help build your brand and generate leads, so it’s essential to get it right first time!
Here are our top three tips for finding the web designer of your dreams.

Look at their website

If you want to find out more about a web design company… check out their website!
If you want a company to make a well-polished website for you, it’s only reasonable to expect that their website is well-polished too.
Visit their website and have a look around.

  1. Does it look good on your mobile and desktop?
  2. Can you find your way around it easily?
  3. Do they post on their blog regularly? Regular posting is good as it shows they are dedicated to keeping their site content updated and that they are up to date with the latest industry developments
  4. Does it load quickly?


Check their reviews and testimonials

It’s all very well and good for a web design company to say that they’re fantastic. However, it means a lot more when their customers say that they’re fantastic!
According to Search Engine Watch, 72% of customers will only buy from a company after reading a positive review. This makes feedback from others critical in your search for the right designer.

You can find company reviews in a variety of places. Look for business reviews on Google and on the company’s Facebook page if they have one.Reviews will give you a lot of insight into your prospective web design company’s performance and how they respond to complaints and feedback.

Look at websites they have built for other businesses

A good web design company will have a portfolio of work they have carried out for other businesses. Most companies host this portfolio on their website but if not, ask them if they could give you some names of businesses that they have worked with.

Look at these websites and see if you like them. Would you be happy with a similar website?
You can even arrange a quick call with the businesses to see what their experience was like.

  1. Did they enjoy working with the web design company? This is particularly important – after all, you want to work with a company you can get along with
  2. Did the new website result in more sales?
  3. Is the new site easy for them to update?

We hope that these tips have helped give you some ideas about what to look out for when finding the best web design company in Auckland to work with.

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