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With over 4.62 billion people using social media every day, can your business afford to miss out on advertising on a variety of platforms, specifically built to reach a wide range of people and potential customers? Having said this, do you truly understand organic marketing? In this blog, we will explore the expectations versus the reality of organic marketing, and whether it supports your businesses development.



So, what actually is organic marketing?

Organic social media marketing is any social media activity without a paid promotion, it utilises free social media tools and platforms to engage with a variety of people online. In other words, organic marketing is your business portraying a message to all clients, new and old, what services and products you may sell or offer, without having to pay for the reach.

With both paid and organic marketing, platforms and techniques are ever-changing and adapting, being able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of organic marketing have never been more important.

What is expected from organic socials?

When posting organically (as the face of your brand) to your account, you should expect that the people who will see your posts; are a percentage of your current following, another percentage of sub-followers (followers of your followers who have interacted with or shared your post), and any people currently following or interested in the hashtags you use.

In theory, this sounds pretty simple and rather a necessity for your brand. But, in reality the reason that organic social media is the foundation of any marketing campaign is that it’s the most efficient way to nurture relationships with all customers.

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